Adapter for MoPub Mobile Ads SDK for Android

Follow this guide to add Media.Net as an ad network with MoPub mediation. This will allow you to run Media.Net Banner and Interstitial ads through MoPub.

Go through the steps in our Getting Started Guide to add Media.Net SDK into your project before starting the integration.

Overview of MoPub Adapter Mediation

In this configuration, your application talks to the Mopub SDK, which in turn requests content from the Media.Net SDK. See below the diagram of the flow of information from Media.Net - Mopub adapter mediation:

Media.Net SDK Instructions


  • Media.Net SDK
  • MoPub SDK (4.11.0)

Before Getting Started: Make sure that-

  • Your app has the MoPub SDK and is registered in your MoPub account
  • Your app has configured the Banner and/or Interstitial Ad Units
  • You have read through MoPub getting started guide for Android.

Integrating Media.Net into your Android App

Update the app level build.gradle as follows:

   dependencies {
	 compile ''

Media.Net Network Setup in MoPub

Follow the instructions below to add Media.Net as a custom native network:

1) In the Mopub dashboard, go to the ‘Networks’ tab, and click ‘Add a Network

2) Now, select ‘Custom Native Network’, which will take you to the campaign creation page.

3) The title will be ‘Media.Net’.

4) For each Ad Unit, you will need to configure ‘Custom Event Class’ and ‘Custom Event Class Data’ columns. Your Media.Net account manager will provide you with these details.