Integrating DFP and MoPub for Header-bidding using Cocoapods

Please go through the Getting Started Guide for integrating SDK. Once the SDK is initialized, it is automatically enabled for Header Bidding. It works by overriding DFP call and automatically adding bids to the DFP call. This can be turned on/off from the server side.

No code integrations or additional dependencies are needed.

Check the Header Bidding SDK version support for different SDKs. The minimum version of the following SDKs need to be installed to your project before you can start with the Header Bidder integration.

  • Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK 7.x.x
  • mopub-ios-sdk 4.x.x

Context-link can be sent into the DFPRequest object by setting the contentURL property, which will be picked up by the MNet ad-views to contextualize the ads.

NOTE: this process is equivalent in both Banner and Interstitial ads since the DFPRequest object is the same.


DFPRequest *request = [DFPRequest request];
// Setting the custom contentUrl
[request setContentURL:@""];


let request:DFPRequest = DFPRequest.init()

// Setting the custom contentUrl
request.contentURL = ""